Pup'Art Wear & Ware

....Printed (not embroidered) products!

The Pup'parel pups have ALWAYS provided the finest in personalized dog breed embroidery, embroidered patches, and other embroidered products, that you get to mix and match the garments, colors, etc. We are proud to offer a completely different technology for apparel decoration -- PRINTED garments and accessories! 

Pup'Art Wear and Ware can offer products will be at a slightly lower price than our embroidered products.  Why?  Because since these items are PRINTED, our cost to decorate the garments and accessories is lower -- especially because there are fewer personalization options for garments.  With Pup'Art Wear and Ware, the garments are more along the traditional lines of "what you see is what you get", which allows us to produce greater quantities of items with a much lower risk of making a mistake, hence lowering our costs -- a savings we can pass on to you! 

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